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What is this?

Tech Poker is a webapp to collaboratively use the planning poker methodology.

Currently there are 27 active planning sessions.


  • Each participant needs an internet device, preferably a smartphone.
  • (Optional) a QR-Code scanner is useful to easily join a planning session.


Sessions are only stored in-memory and are lost if the app shuts down, or a session is removed due to inactivity. There is no vote history, if a vote is reset then all individual votes are deleted.
SSL is provided by CertBot by Let’s Encrypt
Everyone who knows the SessionId, can join the session and see the data. However, the SessionId is a randomly generated UUID so the chance of guessing it or using bruteforce are really small. Furthermore, the only data that is on the server are the nicknames and the current votes.
Plain vs. Websocket
The plain variant works without JavaScript (core functionality) and is generally recommended for old devices or if the internet connection is flaky. Websockets provide a smoother and faster experience, but require JavaScript and a stable connection.